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Aqua Laboratory Ultrapure Water™ Applications

While each industry uses what it calls “ultrapure water”, the quality standards vary, meaning that the UPW used by a pharmaceutical plant is different than that used in a semiconductor fab or a power station. The standards tie into the UPW use. For instance, semiconductor plants use UPW as a cleaning agent, so it [...]

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Aqua Laboratory – Major supplier of Ultrapure water in the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries

Aqua Laboratory Ultrapure water™ is treated through multiple steps to meet the quality standards for different users. The primary endusers of UPW include these industries: semiconductors, solar photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals, high end cosmetics, power generation (sub and super critical boilers), and specialty applications such as research laboratories. The “ultrapure water” term became more popular in [...]

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Aqua Laboratory™ 18Mega Ohm UltraPure H20

<strong>Water purity</strong> is measured in <strong>units of resistivity (ohms/cm</strong>) or conductivity (microsiemens/cm). Resistivity and conductivity are reciprocal of each other, meaning as resistivity goes up, conductivity goes down, and vice versa. In pure water application, purity is typically measured in resistivity because conductivity would be too low to be measured accurately. [...]

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